QuickGene-Mini480 is a high-throughput compact nucleic acid isolation device which requires no centrifugation in the isolation process giving less strain to samples.


The device takes up minimal space on the laboratory bench and is easy to carry. DNA and RNA can be easily isolated from various samples including whole blood, tissue and cells as well as plants and virus.  48 samples can be processed per run and the result shows a high yield and purity. The isolation process does not require centrifugation and is based only on the ultra-thin QuickGene membrane (80 µm) and the pressurizing procedure.



·Key Features 
  • Quick processing of 48 samples
  • High yield isolation of up to 5 µg of ultrapure DNA from whole blood samples
  • DNA and RNA isolation from various samples
  • Compact and lightweight device


·High Purity and Yield 
QuickGene-Mini480 can stably isolate nucleic acid in high yield. The isolated DNA/RNA can be directly applied to PCR,qPCR, Next Generation Sequencing Analisys, etc.




List of QuickGene DNA/RNA Extraction Kits


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