GenoStand-calibrated DNA

 Product Features

  • DNA is purified, identified by 16S sequencing and tested for PCR inhibitors prior to quantification
  • Quantification was double checked with two independent methods, spectroscopy and qPCR.
  • Final product is aliquoted, dried and validated by single-gene qPCR.
  • Each GenoStand tube contains 2.4*107 dehydrated genomic copies, enough to make a ready-to-use disposable calibration standard curve.


Pathogen Catalogue Ref.
Vibrio cholerae CECT 514T GS-VibCho 001
Legionella pneumophila CECT 7109T GS-LegPne 002
Salmonella enterica subsp.enterica sv.Typhi CECT 409T GS-SalTyp 003
Listeria monocytogenes CECT 4031T GS-LisMon 004
Escherichia coli O157:H7 CECT 4076 GS-ECO157 005
Campylobacter coli DSMZ 4689T GS-CamCol 006
Campylobacter jejuni DSMZ 4688T GS-CamJej 007
Arcobacter butzleri CECT 8221
GS-ArcBut 008
Pseudomonas aeruginosa CECT 110T GS-PseAer 009



©Bacterial Genomic Standard (4 calibration tubes)


  • Calibrated genomic standard (WHITE TUBEcontains 2.4*107dehydrated genomic copies of the designed microorganisms. 4 tubes
  • DNase/RNase free water (GREEN CAP): 500 µl




*GPS primers and probes are sold for research use only. 

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