Air Monitoring In Healthcare Environments 


     The indoor air monitoring and control of airborne pathogens in healthcare establishments helps the prevention and the decrease of nosocomials infections:



Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)andMethicillin ResistantStaphylococcus aureus(MRSA)

Legionella pneumophila  control in shower-biofilms and cooling systems Influenza,tuberculosis,etc.



Portable air sampler has been created to capture biological particles in the air (bacteria, fungi,  spores) and concentrates them into a small buffer High airflow rate through a buffer without the  limitations of filtration, nor impact.



“It samples large quantities of air: 3m3 in 10 min.”  

isruptor/homogenizer is a high efficiency equipment designed to extract DNA/RNA from a wide range of microbial species (including Gram-positives, fungi and spores) and hard tissues of animals and plants. The process,just in 30 seconds,includes simultaneously a chemical and mechanical lysis in which minute spherical crystals contained in the tubes crash against the cell walls until genetic material is liberated. The Cryolys is a cooling option (4ºC) where cold air (-50°C) is sprayed beside the tubes.


 Research Use Only* 

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